New single out now!

We are super excited to release “This Time” as Keystone Postcard’s debut single. This song has been a long time in the making. Vic originally wrote this song back in 2010 when we were first playing as The Solis Duo. I added my harmonies and a bridge and we performed it for an acoustic competition in Allentown, PA. We always liked the song, but we shelved it (along with other originals) to focus on building our band here in Savannah, GA. It is so awesome to be able to give it new life. We loved having Matt add his take on it in the studio. With his 80s-esque guitar licks it’s like a totally new song! Although, he admitted his favorite part of the song are the “Ahhh” echos. (He can’t wait to sing them live) LOL!

Scott and Alan (our rocking producers at Hybrid Audio Solutions) really saw the potential in the song. They helped us get it to the catchy pop/rock feel we have now. It was a blast recording this with new vocals and adding drums and bass; which by the way…those guys (Tom and Chris) are NASTY musicians! #InAwe

Please go and listen to “This Time” now and add it to your cruising in the car playlist, or getting ready playlist, or cleaning the house playlist. Whatever gets you motivated to sing along, bop your head, and feel just plain good about the day! “Take my hand and we can leave it all behind.” We can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it! Until next time…keep rocking!